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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Internet Marketing Technologies

 Internet Marketing Technologies

                                                      SEO techniques can be classified into two broad categories- white hat and black hat SEO. Techniques that search engines recommended as a part of good design and approve permanently can be regarded as white hat SEO and one which do not approve search engines permanently can be termed as black hat SEO.Search Engine Optimisation is the technique used to increase the scope and visibility of the websites. The optimisation techniques includes on page and off page optimisation.

ON PAGE Optimisation                                       

                                           Keyword research is the most important step in the on page optimisation.On doing this we have to think from the users point of view and not from the search engine corner.SEO considers how search engines work and what people search for or keywords used by them and also which search engine are preffered by the targeted people. The other important steps in on page optimisation are : 1.     Title: Use unique and relevant title. it should be 64 -68 characters in length and should includes most important keywords2.     Description: write for users and not for search engines. length should not exceed  155 characters.It should be a meaningful sentence that includes  keywords used in the title3.     Meta Keywords: keywords that want this page to be found on search engines

                                         The purpose of off page optimisation is to increase the page rank of the site and also increase  the traffic to the site. If the off page work is good search engine can easily index our site.
There are different off page techniques that can be used for the above purpose which are listed here:
3.     Slidesharing
4.     Blogcommenting
5.     Forumposting
6.     Pressrelease
7.     Classifieds 
9.     Blogwriting